Model Making

Prototype Model-Making

Rapid Designs has long-established roots in the traditional skills of model making and pattern making. Established in 1966, our customers ranged from heavy industrial applications like pumps and pump impellers for hydro-electric dams, and master patterns of injection molded toy products to wooden appearance models of AT&T phones

Our customers were industrial designers, mechanical engineers, inventors, sales and marketing, package designers, or virtually anyone who was developing a product. Because of the broad application of our skills, all industries and markets were potential users of our capabilities.

As a result of the diversity of our skills and bandwidth of application experience, today we are in a very unique position in the digital era, with in-depth knowledge of virtually all major manufacturing processes. Foundry sand casting, injection molding, vacuum and pressure molding, blow molding, lost wax processes, painting and decorating techniques, packaging, the expanse of our experience is all-encompassing.

Today, in a new era of computer-driven digital technologies, our traditional hands-on craft skills retain a key role in the product development process. The combination of our long experience and our cutting-edge achievements in applying new technology has positioned Rapid Designs as the preeminent provider of prototyping services.

Our sample duplication capabilities include: silicone rubber mold making, cast rigid and flexible urethane reproductions, custom color matching and rotational molding. Our model making skills can undetectably simulate all molding processes like injection molding or blow molding. Extensive material choices allow us to select mechanical properties to provide a best match to your product performance specifications. We utilize autoclaves to produce pressure castings. An automated liquid injection molding prototype duplication process (LIM), which incorporates a two-part urethane mix and dispensing process, provides economies found only in harder tooling processes. Our rubber mold making process is completely automated to insure economy and quality.

Our projects begin with your designs. We can start with 2D or 3D CAD digital data, design control drawings, engineering drawings, concept sketches or just plain face-to-face discussion. Our team of CAD-modelers and senior model makers are experienced in virtually all aspects of physical product development and presentation arts. Mechanical breadboards of complex mechanisms, to machined and fabricated prototypes used in clinical trials or performance evaluations, typify what we do for our clients.

Products and Services:

  • Research and Development:
    • Materials Research and Sourcing
    • Materials Application
    • Process Development
  • Prototype Services:
    • Model Making
    • 3D CAD Model Making
    • Foam Study Models
    • Sculpting and Carving
    • Machining:
      • High-speed 3-Axis CNC VMC
      • EDM Plunger
      • Grinding
      • Lathe
      • Copy Milling
    • Fabrication and Machining: Plastic and Metal
    • Vacuum Forming
    • Pressure and Vacuum Casting
    • LIM (liquid injection molding)
    • Rotational Molding
    • Silicon Rubber Molds (SRM)
    • Urethane Castings
    • Painting: Spray and Hand Painting
    • Custom Color Matching
  • Engineering Services:
    • Reverse Engineering
  • Manufacturing:
    • Urethane Castings
    • Low-Volume Assembly
    • Jigs and Fixtures


  • Industrial Design:
    • ID Form 3D Sketch Studies (foam, clay, white board)
    • Appearance Models
    • Color Studies
  • Concept Development:
    • Mechanical Proof of Concept
    • Mock-ups
  • Engineering Development:
    • Engineering Proof of Concept Models
    • Mechanical Breadboards
    • Performance Evaluation and Testing Models
    • Engineering Check Models (Design Verification)
  • Regulatory Approval Prototypes:
    • UL and CE
    • Clinical Trail
    • FDA
  • Manufacturing Support:
    • Master Patterns
    • Assembly Jigs and Fixtures
    • Vendor Quoting/Go-by Prototypes
    • Production Line Set-up Prototypes
    • Line-worker Training Prototypes
  • Sales and Marketing Samples:
    • Product Photo Models
    • Sales Samples
    • Market Study Models
  • Other:
    • Wind-tunnel Test Models
    • Architectural Models
    • Point of Purchase Display Models
    • Exhibit Models
    • Museum Models
    • Litigation Models

Customized Finishing Processes:

  • Surface coatings:
    • Lacquer
    • Water based Urethane
    • Two-part Urethane
    • Epoxy
    • Dip Coatings
    • EMI/RF Shielding
    • Fire Rated Spray Coating
    • UV Rated Spray Coating
  • Plating
    • Nickel plating
    • Vapor Deposition
    • Vacuum Metalizing

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