Direct Digital Manufacturing

Direct Digital Manufacturing

Rapid Designs is a leader in direct digital manufacturing, producing finished parts directly from digital data such as 3D CAD drawings. Not just prototypes, these fully functional parts are created by putting digital information into technologies such as selective laser sintering. Rapid Designs typically does low volume production to meet immediate needs in the aerospace, defense, and medical industries.

Direct Digital Manufacturing: 3D CAD Modeling, Advanced Materials, Production from Digital Data

Creating finished parts directly from digital input is a breakthrough technological advancement. Detailed 3D CAD models contain the data for solid parts that may have intricate geometries and finishes. Using the latest advanced materials (typically) with selective laser sintering (SLS), parts can be produced that are fully functional and used directly in the final application.

In short, digital data drives low volume production without tooling or molding. With this direct digital manufacturing process, the speed and design freedom allow for huge advances in product development and the products themselves.

Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM) Terminology Note

Service providers and customers are currently debating the terminology used to refer to these technologies and processes. Direct digital manufacturing is one popular term that emphasizes the digital data that is the model for the part along with the direct from digital to manufactured product aspect. Others terms include:

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