Conformal Lattice Structures

Conformal Lattice Structures – CLS™

Rapid Designs offers the innovative Conformal Lattice Structures (CLS™), an additive manufacturing process for the creation of components using laser sintering. This break-through technology, developed through collaboration with the Georgia Tech's Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Institute, has successfully bridged the gap between scientific knowledge and applied science – delivering a true “out-of-the-box” design/engineering tool for additive manufacturing.

Benefits of CLS™ Technology

Rapid Designs CLS™ patent-pending technology is a value-added design process providing a lightweight, multi-functional material offering substantial weight-to-strength ratio improvements over solid wall construction techniques. Through the engineered optimization of cellular-type structures via automated population of complex geometry, CLS™ produces consistent results with the alignment of unit cells along force directions. Unlike non-conformal 2D planar lattice structures, CLS™ conforms to the natural organic geometry surface and aligns to the load plane producing predictable testing and performance behavior.

As a result, parts made using CLS™ additive manufacturing technology have:

  • High strength-to-weight ratios when compared to solid wall constructs
  • Complex, freeform geometries allowing for the reinforcement of contoured shapes perpendicular to the adjacent surface
  • Performance based design optimization to predictable loads and stress patterns
  • Automated interface to finite element analysis codes
  • Improved mechanical performance of designed structures
  • Optimization of structures for vibration dampening, noise attenuation, impact absorption
  • Improved manufacturing controls for a consistent and repeatable fabrication process
  • Fast time-to-market product development cycles
  • No need for tooling because of Direct Digital Manufacturing

Conformal Lattice Structures for Aerospace & Defense

Especially valuable to the Aerospace and Defense industries as a design-engineering tool, CLS™ technology is able to support even the most intricate design part optimization with a method free of traditional manufacturing restrictions. Components developed through CLS™ are production-ready, allowing a prototype to seamlessly evolve into the final product. Thus, CLS™ effortlessly allows for faster part development and the elimination of costly time-consuming tooling.

Additive Manufacturing Terminology Note

Conformal Lattice Structures (CLS™) is an additive manufacturing technology. Service providers and customers are currently debating the terminology used to refer to these technologies and processes. Commonly used terms include:

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