Injection Molding

Injection Molding

Evolving from a service in support of product development engineering, Rapid Designs offers a variety of injection molding services, including:

  • Rapid injection molding
  • Prototype injection molding
  • Short run injection molding
  • Large scale / high volume injection molding

Prototype and small-quantity manufacturing operations are handled out of Rapid Designs Langhorne, PA facilities, providing significant lead-time reductions in prototype to low-volume production. Our customer service culture focuses on rapid response to new product development and ever-changing design and engineering product improvements. Globalization, customization, and intense market competition are pressing demands our customers face every day. In this challenging context, Rapid Designs rapid injection molding capabilities are an increasingly important resource to our customers. It is the basis on which we have achieved preferred supplier status with many of our customers.

Large-scale and finish goods manufacturing are typically handled through our affiliate TTM Technologies, with high volumen injection molding operations in Southeast Asia.

Rapid Designs injection molding business unit has its roots as a prototype development and low-volume production service group. In the late 70's we recognized that designers, engineers and new-product-development specialists needed a way to have parts with production performance characteristics as well as economies of scale. Early attempts to provide rapid solutions led to our first rapid tools being produced by applying spray metal and epoxy resin cast process. Today Rapid Designs has combined advanced rapid business practices with high-speed CNC machining technology to optimize tooling quality and minimize tool making production time, thus providing accelerated injection molded parts manufacturing. Continuous development of new rapid tooling solutions and adoption of best practices have been instrumental our success. Our extensive in-house facilities generate exceptional value in quantities from 10 to thousands of pieces. Although our operations have evolved with technological advances and increasingly demanding customer requirements, our philosophy remains unchanged. We focus our intellectual and physical resources to hasten the pace and improve the quality of products we deliver to our clients. Today, this passion and focus is emphatically validated by the growing number of world-class companies that rely on Rapid Designs for their product development support services.

Tool Design and Product Engineering Support:

Our success as a product development company is based on the ability to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to our clients’ part design challenges. Rapid Designs extraordinary problem-solving skills become abundantly clear to our clients when they see the quality of our injection molded parts. Rapid Designs technical specialists and our consultative approach become apparent from the moment we receive your request for quote (RFQ) until parts are delivered. Tool designs are completed by our experienced tooling engineers. Mold flow analysis is utilized when necessary to optimize part fill and quality. Rapid Designs affiliate Definitive Design is available to provide product design, mechanical engineering and FEA (finite element analysis) to support our client’s part design problems.

Material Selection:

Selecting the correct material for each individual application can be a daunting task, requiring in-depth knowledge of the panoply of resins available. Recommending the right type and grade of resin hinges on a thorough understanding of the product’s application–all application characteristics need to be carefully weighed before a determination is made. As an engineering and prototype company we do not limit the types of materials we process. There are literally thousands of molding resins on the market today. Those listed under “injection molding materials” are merely a sampling of the most commonly requested resins. Since inception, Rapid Designs success in the molding business has been based on our focus on providing innovative engineered solutions to our clients. The following links are what we typically use for injection molding resin research. Rapid Designs tooling engineers and technical specialists are anxious to assist in your materials selection to meet the demands of your application.

Injection Molding Resin Materials Research Web Sites:

Quality Management System and Our Commitment:

Rapid Designs has established ISO 9001:2008 quality standards to insure that all product output meets criteria established by our customers and agreed to by our engineers. Our manufacturing processes, documented procedures and business practices are focused on meeting our customers’ precise specifications and delivery requirements. Our system allows for early detection of possible defects to expedite necessary corrective actions.

Our Quality Management System is structured to consider individual customer requirements for part complexity relative to overall part quality. Our goal is to assure that all deliverable product–in-house manufactured or purchased–meets specifications.

All phases of materials procurement and/or manufacture are fully documented. Written inspection reports recording dimensions and other client-specified criteria are retained electronically. Copies of inspection results are forwarded with each shipment regardless of the quantity ordered. Inspection protocol is tailored to meet individual program requirements.

Certificates of compliance (COC), material certifications and first article inspection reports are standard business practices and included with every project.

QC Program Highlights:

  • Document and Data Control… to assure the most current data is being used.
  • Incoming materials control and identification
  • Process Control… to insure the part is correct the first time and each time thereafter.
  • Inspection and Testing… avoidance of a poor quality part being passed on to the next step.
  • Inspection and Measuring Instruments and Equipment Control… assures all test and inspection results are correct, uniform and meaningful.
  • Non-conforming Product Control… avoids shipment of poor quality parts.
  • Handling, Storage, Packaging, Preservation and Delivery… insures customer satisfaction of their product from order entry to final delivery.

Products & Services:

  • Rapid Injection Molding
  • Prototype Injection Molding
  • Low-Volume / Short Run Injection Molding
  • Two-Shot and Multi-Shot Prototype Injection Molding Insert Molding
  • Over-Molding
  • Secondary Machining Operations
  • Low-Volume Assembly
  • Plating (Nickel, Chrome)
  • EMI/RF Shielding

Injection Molding Equipment:

  • (1) Arburg Injection Press 176 Ton, 13.2 oz. shot capacity
  • (1) Arburg Injection Press 85 Ton, 7.2 oz. shot capacity
  • (2) Arburg Injection Press 28 Ton, 1.25 oz. shot capacity
  • Conair Dryer, Model SC7.5
  • Mokon Chiller
  • Conair Chiller
  • IMS (6) station Temperature Controller
  • Tec Conveyor Systems

Specialized Materials and Materials Processing:

  • Custom Colors
  • Glass Filled
  • Talc Filled
  • Foaming Agents
  • Flame Retardant
  • UV Inhibited
  • UL Approved

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