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Rapid Designs: A Comprehensive Resource in Advanced Rapid editing services Technologies and Premier Prototype Manufacturer

Rapid Designs is among the world's most experienced prototype manufacturers and providers of product development services, including product design and engineering, rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and new direct digital rapid manufacturing technology that produces custom parts direct from digital input.

Founded in 1966, the company initially specialized in model making for a wide variety of consumer and industrial products. Over the years, Rapid Designs has expanded its scope to apply advanced technology in all aspects of product development. Today, Rapid Designs offers a comprehensive array of services. In addition to rapid prototyping and rapid tooling, Rapid Designs sets the pace in direct digital rapid manufacturing of precision parts from 3D CAD digital input, utilizing advanced laser sintering (LS) technology. Rapid Designs services also include injection molding, full-scale manufacturing from domestic and offshore facilities as well as assembly and packaging. Rapid Designs is a premier prototype manufacturer.

Rapid Designs team of product development specialists is among the industry's most respected experts in successfully applying advanced technology to expand the scope of rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and new direct digital digital rapid manufacturing of precision parts from 3D CAD digital input, a facharbeit für geld schreiben lassen landmark development that eliminates the costly and time-consuming tool-making process and dramatically accelerates the product development process.

Rapid Designs principal prototyping, tooling, manufacturing and assembly operations are located at its headquarters and prototype manufacturing complex in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia, PA, USA. Product design and engineering services are provided by its affiliate, Definitive Design, also located in Langhorne. Offshore manufacturing is provided by another affiliate, TTM Technologies, with operations in Southeast Asia.

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